Ebook Information

  • Our digital library is available 24/7 and offers access to ebooks on iPhones, iPads, Nooks, Android phones and tablets, and Kindles!
    You may need to download the Sora App to your device, click on the instructions below for more information:
    You can access our digital library here.
    We have changed the sign on to Clever, so when you get to the log in page on the app enter your school email address and password like you would to access Clever.
    Temple Public Library also offers ebooks if you already have a library card, they can set you up via phone or email if you have any issues. If you need a library card, you can ask the library aide at your campus about getting one so you can access their collection as well.
    Sora Directions Computer
    Sora Directions Tablet/Phone App
    Capstone Interactive Ebooks Directions(AES and AIS only)
    TumbleBooks Directions (AES and AIS only)

    Please email amanda.liebman@academyisd.net if you have any questions or connection issues.
    Free Audio Books for Dyslexic Students
    Learning Ally App Directions
    Bookshare App Directions

    Book share will be hosting "how-to" webinars on March 26th  and March 31st. Click here to register.
    BARD App Directions

    Book Share Instructions for Students

    Learning Ally Instructions for Students