Statement of Purpose
    AISD is committed to providing a quality education for every child. In order to accomplish this goal, partnerships must be established with parents, family, and the community. Everyone gains if the school and home work together to promote high achievement for our children. Parents play an important role, and AISD recognizes and encourages parents in the four key roles that they play in their children’s learning:

    • Teacher – helping their child at home,
    • Supporter – contributing their skills to the school,
    • Advocate – helping their child receive fair treatment, and
    • Decision Maker – participating in joint problem-solving with the school at every level.

    Parent Involvement in Developing the Policy
    The District Education Improvement Committee (DEIC) is composed of parents, community members, business representatives, and campus/district personnel. The DEIC has direct input in the development and revision of the parent and family engagement policy on an annual basis. Parent comments from meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and other campus events are used in the development and revision of this policy.

    Academy Independent School Parent/Student/School Compact
    In order for school, parents, and students to share responsibility for high student achievement, the Academy Independent School District requires each campus to have a Parent/Student Compact. This Compact is reviewed each year by campus improvement committees, and it is in the student handbook for the school official, parent and student to sign and return to the home campus. The Compact outlines school, parent, and student responsibilities necessary for effective learning to take place.  

    Types of Parental Involvement
    The Superintendent, in coordination with the Principal, provides technical assistance and other support necessary to help the school plan and implement effective parental and community involvement efforts. Realizing the value of parents and their contribution to the partnership of creating successful students, input will be requested to build upon relationships to strengthen ties between home and school.

    The following are possible opportunities for home-school partnerships that parents are encouraged to take advantage of throughout the year: 

    • Academy ISD District Education Improvement Committee
    • School Board Meetings
    • Annual Title I Meeting
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences
    • Busy Bees Parent Volunteer Programs

    Questions, concerns, and/or comments may be directed to Mrs. Darla Nolen, AISD Assistant Superintendent, at 254-982-4304.