• For several months in the spring of 2018, forty Academy ISD stakeholders participated in a very important district long-range strategic planning process. The result of their efforts is “Academy 2028”, Academy Independent School District’s 10 year strategic plan. The strategic planning committee worked diligently to identify the needs of their fast-growing suburban school district. The committee discussed the current state of the district and with the aid of the most recent data debated the impact that the raid growth in the district will have on the future of AISD and the educational experience it provides for its students. After much deliberation, the committee developed a new mission and vision for the district. A new set of core belief statements were penned as well. The committee refined the district’s graduate profile and reviewed the district’s motto for accuracy and relevancy.

    The committee’s work was presented to the Academy ISD board of trustees at a regular school board meeting on August 29, 2018. The school board voted unanimously to adopt Academy 2028 as the district’s long range strategic plan. Over the next ten years, Academy ISD will inevitably experience tremendous change and an incredible growth in enrollment. While changes are on the horizon, it is Academy ISD’s belief that we must have an abiding set of core principals and beliefs, and that we must prepare strategically in an effort to maintain the Academy ISD experience that students, parents, faculty and staff currently enjoy. Academy ISD wants to continue to be the school of choice in Bell County and we are committed to planning so that we can always BEE our best!