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Info Required to Enroll in Academy ISD

ACADEMY ISD Policy (FD Legal) requires that students attending school reside within the boundaries of Academy ISD (unless they have applied and been accepted as a transfer student).  Any questions regarding district residency SHOULD BE CONFIRMED by calling Bell Country Tax Office at 254-939-5841 (maps division).

Parents enrolling students for the first time are required to bring:
  1. Copy of student's birth certificate
  2. Copy of student's records from previous school
  3. Copy of student's immunization records (We are unable to enroll students not meeting immunization criteria.)
  4. State required Identification for Parent enrolling the student (Driver's License, Military ID)
  5. Copy of current utility bill or other document tied to residency.


Other questions regarding admission or enrollment should be directed to Alex Remschel Assistant Superintendent, 254-982-4304, or