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Meal Prices, Refunds and Transfers

Student Breakfast at all campuses is $1.25
Reduced breakfast is $0.30
Staff and Visitor Breakfast is $1.75 at all campuses  

Elementary School & Intermediate School Lunch is $2.50
Middle School and High School Lunch is $2.60
Reduced lunch is $0.40
Staff & Visitor Lunches are $3.60 at all campuses.

Any Funds remaining in student accounts at the end of the school year will rollover for the following school year. Under program guidelines, all unpaid or negative meal balances must be paid prior to the last day of this school year.  You can monitor your child's meal count at anytime by visiting our onling payment system at

 Refunds and transfers:

  • To request a refund check,  please call your child's campuses cafeteria and provide them with the following information.
  • Name the check should be mailed out to, address to mail the check to as well as a phone number. 
  • You may transfer funds from one child's account to another at anytime throughout the year. All transfers for Graduating seniors and or refunds MUST be completed before the last day of school. Please contact your child's cafeteria and let them know which account to transfer from and to as well as the amount.