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Enrollment & Forms

Health Forms
The Health form is required yearly. Please fill out and email to If you are having difficulty with filling out and saving the form, here is a video to help:
Emergency Action Plans
The following emergency action plans can be taken to your student's physician to be filled out. These plans tell Academy ISD staff how to respond when your student's health issues begin to escalate. While we have plans for seizures, asthma, severe allergies, cardiac issues, and diabetes, we accept any plans or doctor's orders that tell us how to treat you student while at school and school-related functions. 
For any medications needed during the school day, we must have a parent-signed medication administration form -- one form per medication, per student. Students are not to carry ANY medication on them during the school day, unless it is emergency medication and there is a physician and parent-signed authorization form filed in the nurse office (please see self-carry forms below). See the "Medication Administration at School" tab for more guidelines.