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Bus Routes for 2017-18

For any questions about Bus Routes, please contact Alex Remschel at 982-4304.

Regular Bus Routes - Students should be at their bus stop 5 minutes prior to normal pickup time.

Academy ISD Bus Routes 2017-18

Updated August 29, 2017

Bus 2 (Shark)  Mr. Moon – Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:48 am

River Springs, S. Allison St., Mesquite, Wilson Valley, Hartrick Bluff Spur, Old 95 (N. Kings Tr.), Chimney Hill


Bus 4 (Snake) Mr. Henderson – Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:55 am

Primrose, Knob Creek (S. of Hwy 36), Riggs, Acres, The Arbors,Brookman, Jayme, Dudley, Lanham, Amy, Sunshine, Meadow


Bus 6 (Pig)Mrs. Barabas – Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:48 am

Hwy 95 south of Academy, Rio Poco, Stag Road, Landfill Road, Mills Road, Mills Lane, Sullivan Road, Royal Oaks Mobile Home Park


Bus 7 (Lion) Ms. Bowling – Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:41 am

Hartrick Bluff Rd. Wyndham Hill Pkwy, Fair Hill Dr. (South Loop), Alexandria (South) Cross Dr., Windcrest Dr., Banbury Dr.,Drury Ln., Glenstone, Blackstone, Ridgewood Estates (See Map for new stop locations)

This bus will transport students from Elementary Campus to HS, IS, & MS for employees and parents consolidating stops


Bus 8 (Giraffe)– (New Driver) – Leaves Bus Barn @ 7:05 am

Lamar, Willow Spur, S. Kings Trail, S. Evans, Bill Money, Church, N. Evans, N. Katy Way,Twin Oak Apartments (will stop by dumpster in middle of complex), Royal Oaks Mobile Home Park (2nd Entrance)


Bus 9 (Nemo) - Coach Rogers - Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:35am

Margie Lou , Heidenheimer Rd., Ave B, Stallion Rd, Rabbit Rd, Beagle Rd, Stringtown Rd, Oscar Rd,  Knob Creek (north of 36), Hwy 36 west of Knob Creek-Hwy 36 intersection, Hwy 95 north of Academy.


Bus 13 (Puppy) Mr. Worden   – Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:45 am

Echo Village Subdivision - Dalgoner, Nairm, McFadden, McCullough Lp, Stonehaven Dr. (if close to one of aforementioned cross streets)


Bus 14 (Tiger)– Coach Walsingham– Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:38 am

Pritchard Road, Wedel Cemetery. Sunset Vista, Hwy 36 to Heidenheimer, Ave. H & 8th St., FM 93 to Hwy 95


Bus 15 (Crab)Mrs. Pritchard – Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:48 am

Echo Village - Pullman Place & Transfer Students, McGugan, Avrshire, Las Colinas Loop, Springwood, Misty Creek, Hwy 93, Boutwell, Boutwell East, 93 Spur


Bus 17 (Butterfly)Mrs. Davis  – Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:50 am,  FM 436 West of town, Alta Vista - Corner of Durant/Hopkins, Corner of Crocker/Stanford Dr., Corner of Stanford/Cross Street, Corner of Stanford/Durant, Corner of Durant/Huntington, Corner of Cocker/Huntington  (SEE MAP for SOME NEW STOP LOCATIONS)


Bus 18 (Rabbit)Mr. Butler – Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:38 am

FM 436 east of Hwy 95, Cindy Lane, Callahan Loop, Reeds Lake, Reeds Lake Loop, Burgess Rd


Bus 19 (Turtle)- Mr. Edwards - Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:45am

Alexandria Dr.(North), Disc Golf Dr., Fair Hill Dr.(North), (The following pick up at corners)Westchester Crt., Markham, Dandridge Dr., Wedgewood, Coventry Dr.


Buss 22 (Penguin)- AM (N. Henderson)/PM (Gommert) - Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:50am

Corner of Stonehaven/Crocker, Middle stop on Stonehaven, Corner of Stonehaven/Ames, Bashaw Loop 1&2 in Echo Village


Bus 23 (Horse) - AM (Butler), PM (Justice) - Leaves Bus Barn @ 6:45am - All of Ambrose Circle (Stops at corners and mid points)


Changes marked with shaded areas

** Routes are subject to change due to changes in rider numbers.

Please call Alex Remschel, Assistant Superintendent, at 982-4304 with any questions about transportation.