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Grievance Forms

AISD Policy FNG addresses student/parent complaints and grievances.
If you have an complaint we always encourage you to talk directly to the person involved to see if the issue can be resolved.  If you can not work out the issue, you may then go through the grievance process.  There are 3 different levels (I, II, III) in the grievance process, with level III being the AISD Board of Trustees.  If your grievance is about a decision that a teacher or assistant principal has made, your Level I grievance form will be turned in to the Campus Principal.  If you still are not satisfied with the decision of the Principal, your Level II grievance would be to the Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent.  Then, lastly you could file a Level III grievance to the AISD Board of Trustees.
* At each level of grievance, the administrator will determine if the previous decision followed Academy ISD Policy and practice.