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Attention!!! New Visitor Check-In System At All Campuses- Please Read



Dear Parent or Legal Guardian,

Beginning January 20, 2015 Academy Independent School District will be implementing a new online visitor management system. The Raptor system chosen by Academy ISD is the visitor management software choice of over 11,000 k-12 schools and over 500 YMCA’s and similar organizations around the country. The new visitor management software will allow the District to identify registered sex offenders as well as manage visitors, volunteers and other school functions. The new Raptor visitor management system has the most comprehensive database of registered sex offenders of any provider because Raptor has been accumulating data on offenders for over a decade and updates its database every week. Student safety is a priority at Academy ISD and this new technology will aid the District in keeping our students safe.

In conjunction with the new Raptor visitor management system the District has developed administrative regulations that detail the rules regarding visitors to school, especially as it relates to registered sex offenders. I would encourage you to visit our school website where you will find the new Policy GKC Regulations listed in the School Board section under the “About Us” tab on the homepage. I have placed these new regulations on the homepage as well. It is important to point out that all registered sex offenders that are non-parents or non-legal guardians of students will not be allowed on District campuses except under the following two conditions; they are voting or they are attending a school board meeting.

The District is devoted to protecting your children and we are committed to providing an environment that is conducive to campus security and student safety. As we implement this new technology, please be patient with our staff and understand that we are doing the very best we can to make your experience at AISD the best it can be. 


Kevin Sprinkles


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